About Crystal Wolf

Welcome to Crystal Wolf

Crystal Wolf is the magical creation that began back in 2015 by Joey Graceffa & Daniel Preda. Both Joey and Daniel have traveled all over the world, and throughout these trips gathered endless inspiration to bring together a crystal inspired jewelry and product line.

Crystals are more than just beautiful geode formations, but rather a conduit of energy, sharing with us a wide range of spiritual and healing properties. When you are able to get a natural crystal or stone and build a connection with it, you begin to embody the energy it gives off and you amplify that out into your world. Crystals are a gift from Mother Earth and it’s truly amazing what she creates.

On a personal level, a wide range of crystals have helped Joey & Daniel follow their intuition and hearts in every aspect of their life. Every product they design is based off of a crystal or stone they have met along their journey that captivated their attention and made a difference in their life. Our Green Fluorite necklace from the Summer 2018 collection was designed after a huge chunk of Green Fluorite that Daniel gave to Joey for their anniversary. Green Fluorite is all about opening your heart center and embracing love. Daniel saw this at a local Crystal Shop off the side of a highway while camping in Utah and knew he had to get it for Joey. Now it radiates loving and creative energy across their home.
Crystal Wolf was created to be able to share those magical feelings with you.
For you to feel confident, connected and balanced while tapping into your heart and intuition.
Find the crystal that most speaks to where you are on your journey and wear it with pride!
Love & Light,
Joey, Daniel & The Crystal Wolf Family