Clear Quartz Geometric Necklace

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Balance + Healing + Intention
Clear Quartz is one of the most well known stones, dating back to ancient Greece where it was known as “eternal ice” that was sent by the Gods and Goddesses down to earth. Clear Quartz usually has a smoky appearance but some pieces may be crystal clear, almost like glass. It has been said Clear Quartz is a gift to us from Mother Earth because it is such a pure, natural and beautiful stone.
When you get your Clear Quartz Geometric necklace, focus on an intention you have and put that energy into the stone. Clear Quartz absorbs your intention and amplifies it, spreading that energy throughout the universe.  Clear Quartz is the crystal of manifestation, so use this stone when you are working to manifest your grandest, wildest dreams into reality.
 Quartz and humans have a very similar genetic makeup and this creates an amazing connection to your necklace. This stone promotes healing and balance through the body, mind and soul.
Raw Clear Quartz 
Geometric gold plated design
Chain: 28 inch gold plated brass  (with a 2" extender)
Adjustable: Yes
Closure: Lobster Claw


***Each Crystal Wolf necklace is raw cut and will vary in color, shape and size. Your stone will be unique, magical and beautiful just like you!